Doug and Pam,

Karyn and I are great friends and have spoken about our mutual respect and admiration for you in the past.  Last week we were with another of our friends that just sold and bought a house with another Realtor.  She had a bad experience.  Karyn and I went on and on about how much we loved working with you two and how amazing our experiences buying a house were because of you two.  There was some serious gushing!  I thought it might be nice for me to share this with you.  I want you both to know how highly respected you are.  But, what we said we loved most is you as people.  As parents, friends and members of the community.  You are special people and we feel blessed to have you in our lives.  Our friend said next time, she uses you.  Our work is done... 

I want you to know how appreciative I am of the marketing you did.  Corinne had sent me a list of the websites used to market and I was really amazed at the exposure.  I am astonished by the incredible response that happened in just a day!  Thanks to you and your team for making this happen.


Thank you so much for taking such good care of Katie and Thomas!   Hillary, your diligence and care made all the difference - first in  securing a home in the area they hoped for in a competitive mkt (and dealing with a fsbo no less!), and giving them all the info and guidance a first-time buyer hopes for!  It could not have been a better fit for them, and I know who to call in Denver for any future referrals!  Hoping you both have a great rest of 2013, and thanks so much again!


Doug and Pam Kincaid were wonderful! Our expectations were exceeded on all fronts! Additionally, we genuinely enjoyed working with them and spending time with them during the selling and buying process.

"”Lauren and John

I don't think we realized HOW lucky we were to have Pam and HOW patient she was with us as first time home buyers. This particular home Pam found for us has absolutely shaped my day to day life -- allowed me to form many good/life-long friendships and has been a huge blessing to my children.  Thanks again!


It could not have been any better. Doug performed better than expected and everything went perfectly. It was unbelievable!

"”Marc and Mary

Doug Kincaid did a great job for us, especially with us being out of state.

"”Michael and Gayle