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Boulevard One Grading to Begin

The Lowry Redevelopment Authority will start grading the Boulevard One site in late October to early November. Grading activities will focus on the new roads and lots in the first phase of residential development, south of First Avenue from Magnolia Street to Oneida Court. The work is scheduled to take two months.

• Approximately 130,000 cubic yards of soil will be graded and most stockpiled near the center of the Boulevard One site. The stockpiled soil will fill the hole left by the former Defense Finance and Accounting Service Center building.

• Five new streets will be graded that will connect to First Avenue in 2014: Magnolia Street, Niagara Street, Newport Street, Oneida Street and Oneida Court. The First Avenue berm will be removed to accommodate the new streets.

• Many existing trees will be preserved or transplanted in Boulevard One parks, tree lawns and along the south side of First Avenue. More than 2,500 new trees will be planted at Boulevard One.

• Approximately 80 lots for single family detached homes will be created.

Old tarmac and pavement is being recycled on site to make base for new roads.