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Lowry News and Updates


FREE Vision Screening for Children
WHO: Children 2- 6 years old
WHAT: Vision screening for problems that could cause “Lazy Eye” and other vision problems
WHY: 1 out of 20 preschoolers have an undetected vision problem that could cause permanent vision loss if left untreated.
WHERE: Lowry Elementary School.
WHEN:  November 22nd 2013
WHAT TO DO: Complete the consent form
WHAT HAPPENS: Child is tested, which is very quick. No physical contact is made with your child and no eye drops or medications are used. If test shows the child needs to be seen by an eye doctor, you will be provided the results and additional information

Lowry’s Got Talent

Can you juggle, do magic tricks, sing, jump rope, play an instrument? Then why not audition for the Lowry Talent Show? We also need student announcers, stage crew, and script writers for the Talent Show.   

Auditions will be during lunch the week of October 7. If you are interested in auditioning please come to the auditorium before you have lunch on your assigned day. You will be given a pass for your audition.

The Lowry Talent Show will be limited to 20 acts. Acts will be judged on originality, creativity, talent, and preparedness.  All acts must be G rated and appropriate for an audience of ECE-fifth graders. All acts must be 2 minutes or less. Absolutely no lip-synching will be considered.

Unfortunately, not everyone who auditions will be asked to be in the Talent Show. We are really proud of everyone who auditions because that takes a lot of courage but it takes more than courage to be selected. Only those acts that demonstrate they are polished, creative, entertaining and unique through their audition will be chosen. All students who audition will get a letter to tell them if they made the show or not.

If you are chosen for the Talent Show you must be able to make the rehearsal on October 29 from 3:00-4:30. The Talent Show will be Thursday, October 31 at 8:45 and 10:15.

Harvest Season Garden Updates:

1) This week the Youth Farmer’s Market is featuring delicious organic Colorado apples and pears sold individually or in 5 lb bags.  Perfect for school lunches and afterschool snacks.  Markets run through 10/25, weather permitting.  Markets are every Friday, 3 – 4 on the north playground.  We offer fresh, local produce including school grown veggies!   Shop early for best selection and bring your own shopping bags.  To volunteer at our YFM’s please follow this link:  This sign-up will be updated with the name of the 4/5 class that is scheduled for each market date.
2) We are harvesting produce before school on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Tuesday veggies go into the school cafeteria, and Friday harvested produce is sold in the Youth Farmer’s Market.  Please join us at 7:45am in the garden.  We welcome adult helpers with their students.
3) We welcome you to become part of the garden program.  There are many volunteer opportunities including:
                                - Farmer’s markets
                                - Harvests/garden to cafeteria
                                - Upcoming work days
Please contact lisa at if you are interested in helping, or for more information.